Frequently Asked Questions

For your health, Total Life Care offers the Shingles and Pneumonia vaccines as well as the Gardasil Series and the Flu shot (when available).

  • The Flu shot is usually available starting in October. It takes at least two weeks for the flu shot to be effective, so do not put off getting your flu shot.
  • The Pneumonia Vaccine is good for 7-10 years. You can receive this at our office, any hospital, or health department.
  • The Shingles Vaccine is only needed once in a lifetime. It is indicated for persons over the age of 60. However, there are some limitations. Please see the attached document at the end of this page.
  • The Gardasil series is now being offered for females aged 9 to 26. It is a series of 3 shots that can be given in the office. If you are interested in receiving the series, please let your healthcare provider know. They will have to contact your insurance company to ensure that you have coverage for the series.

If you have any questions about the vaccines that we offer, feel free to contact us.

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